Andrew's Butchery


ndrew’s Butchery are an award winning butchers based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. At Andrew’s we really care about the quality and sourcing of our meat products.

For example, we provide only the best, free-range, premium poultry meat. Our chickens and turkeys are especially suited to a slow natural growth. Together with their diet and 100% roaming ability this produces superior quality, taste and texture. The small flocks are encouraged to forage on grass, seeds and other natural foods they find, this ensures a natural diet that’s nutrition-rich, producing meat that is full of flavour and whilst treating the animal with respect. Due to the method of rearing them and their active life, the meat is more robust and densely textured than that of intensively reared birds. Cooking can be 25% quicker compared to standard chickens, as there’s little fat and no added water. This also makes the meat much more tastier adding to the whole eating experience. Most of our poultry products are exclusive to Andrew’s Butchers.