Chanctonbury Game




At Chanctonbury Game we deal in high quality local produce and offer you a wide range of delicious traditional food. Following the changing seasons we buy the best free range, freshly shot wild pheasant, partridge, mallard, teal rabbit, hare, pigeon and venison, both fallow and roe. All this produce has roamed freely and grown in the fields and woods of Sussex; we then dress it and prepare it for the table in modern hygienic premises approved by Horsham District Council. More and more people are discovering the pleasures of eating well prepared and well cooked English game.

We are always happy to prepare any special orders for you: telephone us and discuss what you would like. We are pleased to see you at the farm to pick up what you need if you cannot get to one of the farmers’ markets. If you are one of those who love well hung pheasant you only have to telephone us; we will keep some for you specially and you can come and pick them up from the farm. Our products are fresh so you can freeze them at home. Game is wild, natural and healthy and is not reared intensively. Venison makes a fine alternative to beef; our sausages and burgers have no added fat so are both healthy and delicious. Try new tastes, new cuts and new flavours based on traditional local produce. We also produce occasional recipe leaflets to help you think of new ideas for feeding the family or cooking a special dinner – look for the leaflets on the stall or at the farm.