Glorious Game


Glorious Game aims to help increase the appeal of this hugely underappreciated but delicious, lean and nutritious meat. I’m only too aware that not everyone shares my passion for game, which is often over-looked, or disliked for no good reason. As I’m sure you are personally well aware, contrary to what many believe, game doesn’t have to be “gamey”. Some is more so than others; it’s simply all in the preparation. Ultimately however, from field to fork all wild game will lead a healthy life, with an entirely natural diet – as we all can too! Due to their free range lifestyle in the great outdoors game birds are lean, low in cholesterol and offer a great alternative to many other meats, being completely sustainable.


Nor does game have to be scary! In recognition of the fact that many people would prefer not to try something unfamiliar I have created a recognisable range of dishes from this versatile ingredient to suit differing tastes. A selection of photos is attached.


Most importantly any purchase contributes towards my chosen Charities Help for Heroes and My Name’5 Doddie Foundation.