Our game offering has become increasingly popular through recent years, this can be explained for a number of reasons, mainly:
Provenance – This has become increasingly important for our clients and the meat eating public generally. Our game is supplied predominantly through estates in Hampshire.

Flavour – Game is hung and matured like most meat should be, this gives it a wonderful rich flavour unlike any other. Which can give a unique twist to your meal.

Health – Game boasts many attributes for people eating a healthy diet. The meat is naturally free range and consequently leaner, it is also rich in protein and iron.

Value – When the game season is fully underway and stocks are plentiful, game dishes can be made very cost effectively, it is also worth noting that because it is richer you do not need to serve as much of it to your family or dinner guests.

During the game season we offer a range of meats including:

Diced Venison: For stews and casseroles, this lean meat boasts a wonderful rich flavour, marinate your venison overnight in red wine to boost the flavours even further.

Diced Game: A mix of diced venison, pheasant, partridge, rabbit and pigeon this is the perfect range of meats for a rich stew or to make delicious pies.

Pheasant: The most popular of our game bird range, the pheasant has a lovely tasty bite which can be roasted in approximately 45 minutes for a quick and easy meal, alternatively we can joint the bird for a stew, or we can remove the breasts which can be fried and served pink. Brilliant value.

Partridge: A smaller bird with a slightly more delicate flavour, the partridge can be cooked slowly as a casserole or roasted within 30 – 35 minutes.

Venison Steaks: Can be cut to size and taken from various parts of the animal depending upon your budget. Most venison steaks need very little cooking time and are a fantastic beef alternative during the winter months.