Parsons Nose - Kensington


Welcome to the Parsons Nose, a family owned traditional butcher shop in the heart of Fulham, Putney and Kensington.  We sell the best premium quality meats and take pride in the fact that our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions you could possibly have about MEAT.  Between them, they have over 162 years butchery experience, they should know!
We hang and dry age our beef for 28 days+.  if it is a more unusual meat or speciality cuts that you are after, then please let us know and we can order that in for you.  There are so many different cuts of meat to ask for and most of our meat arrives on the bone.  Our skilled butchers break it down in the shop, usually in front of the customers, who enjoy seeing the art of butchery and take the opportunity to chat about the meat itself while it is being prepared.
We believe that shopping in your local butchers should be an experience.

Knowledge of provenance together with the exchange of ideas or an introduction to new meat options will significantly improve your dining experience at home.  Your new founded “butcher inspired knowledge” will give you the social currency to “wow” your guests with fascinating facts about your meat and where it comes from.

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