Shellseekers Fish & Game


As well as some of the finest hand dived scallops and sustainable seafood on offer here in Borough Market there is also a great variety of top quality game.

The owner Darren shoots and fishes himself in Dorset and brings the produce up to London for his lucky customers. He has been trading at the market for nearly 25 years and has built up his reputation and business in that time.

In terms of game- Sika deer from the estates of Dorset are popular alongside wild boar, pheasant and partridge in season. As well as joints there is plenty of inventive products- pies, sausages, sausage rolls and the famous ‘Poachers Parcel’- a combo of pheasant, venison and wild boar which is oven ready. Knowledgeable staff are present that can answer all questions around provenance and offer advice on cooking.

The whole of Borough Market is a joy to visit and Shellseekers are right at the heart of what makes it so special- top quality produce harvested with care and served with passion and knowledge.