Stourhead Farm Shop


Although sited in a building rented from the National Trust, Stourhead Farm Shop is a private business run as a partnership between the Harris and Hoare families.

Stephen and Louise Harris run Coldcot Farm as National Trust tenants. Stephen’s award winning organic beef is one of the highlights of the shop. The Harris family have been farming in the area for generations. You must try Louise’s famous boiled fruit cake.

Nick and Sara Hoare run Stourhead (Western) Estate: the part of Stourhead that the family retained. It includes most of the woodland, the source of our wild roe deer venison. Nick and Sara make many of the pies and pates we sell.

Shop manager Doreen Thomas was born and brought up on the estate, and returned to run the shop after years of retail and catering experince elsewhere.

Behind the shop that you see, we have another building. There we make sausages, cure and smoke bacon, cook pies and do all the major butchery tasts that we do not have the space for in the shop.

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