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Oven ready game and specialist foods

Working in partnership with Yorkshire Game (TM) and other local game providers, we are supplied with gamebirds by a wide range of estates, shoots and individuals. All of our game suppliers comply with The Code of Good Shooting Practice, and follow the EC guidelines on game handling.

Some game products are seasonal, please call our sales team for more information.

Wild Duck

The most common are mallard. They roost on the foreshore by day and fly to inland ponds by night to feed. Their flavour is earthy, they are lean birds (not fatty like domestic ducks) and truly free range. 1st September to 31st January. Notice required on ordering.


This is a beautiful species of small wild duck. Best eaten rare as it has a delicate gamey flavour and is particularly delicious around Christmas.  1st September – 31st January.  Notice required on ordering.

Rabbit & Hare

Rabbits were once a highly prized delicacy, farmed for the rich man’s table. Wild rabbit is smaller than the tame variety, with a mildly gamey flavour. It is lean and virtually fat-free with no chemical or food additives as growth promoters, and it has all the advantages of chicken without the problems of a mass produced factory product. Hare is considerably larger with darker gamier meat. Available all year round.

Hare August 1st to February 28th


A pleasant mild gamey flavour with very little natural fat, especially early on in the season, which also means fewer calories. This is a wonderful alternative to the endless bland chicken dishes widely on offer. However tastes at its best after frosty cold weather usually November onwards as then you get a bit of fat on the bird to keep it moist. Hen pheasants taste the best. October 1st to February 1st.


Grey Legs are indigenous to Britain and Northern Europe and have a far better flavour than the more common Red Legs. The game bird with the most delicate flavour and recommended for people who do not like a strong gamey taste. September 1st to February 1st


Varies with species but available all year round

Our butchers will be pleased to prepare any game products to your required size and specification.

All varieties of game can be sourced, some may require longer lead times.