Pipers Farm


Pipers Farm is a 50 acre, all grass, family farm, just north of Exeter. It lies in an area of rolling hills and rich red Devon soil. Our fields are small and the 400 year old hedgerows surrounding them are 2 or 3 metres wide. They are priceless reservoirs of biodiversity and natural corridors for wildlife.

Our valley has a rich heritage of small mixed family farms, some growing crops as well as grass, and many of them with a cider orchard that used to supply the Whiteways cider press at the end of the road.

As we walk up the farm we have a breathtaking view of rolling hills and a tapestry of vibrant greens of grass and crops traditonally grown in our valley such as swedes and potatoes, punctuated by ploughed fields of ruby red soil. The pasture under our feet is a perfect illustration of the timeless values of the traditional systems. The old-fashioned grasses and herbs are deep-rooted, drawing nutrients from the rich ruby red soil, with red and white clovers naturally drawing nitrogen from the air to fertilise the plants around them. It gives our animals the perfect “5 -a- day nourishment” with no need for health supplements!

Our philosophy is to grow healthy animals with a strong natural immunity. We grow contented animals slowly, in small groups, with minimum stress, which means that we only use medication when it is absolutely necessary. We believe this is the best way to produce meat which is wholesome and healthy.

Like generations of families before us, we are working in harmony with the natural landscape around us. That is what the French call “terroir”. And for us it is the fundamental definition of the Pipers Farm Family. We passionately believe in the “common sense” of traditional, sustainable values which have been handed down through generations of family farms.

Today the Pipers Farm family embraces 25 family farms, all helping us to produce healthy food that tastes good. And you, our customers, in buying from Pipers Farm, are helping us to sustain those traditional values as part of a vibrant and sustainable rural community.

“The energy and passion of the Greig family leave you feeling very excited about the future of food and farming – anything is possible here. For 25 years Pipers Farm has been championing not only local food heritage, producing meat that is sensational to eat, but also supporting local family farms that have been the foundations of our rural communities and landscapes for generations. This has resulted in 20 small, family run farms, rearing animals in the same way that their parents and grand-parents would have before them, ensuring that there is a 100% guarantee for Pipers Farm produce.

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