Truly Traceable cap an amazing month at the Eat Game Awards

Lynne and Steve Tricker from Truly Traceable

The last few weeks have been truly crazy for Lynne and Steve Tricker from Truly Traceable.

It started with their sausage rolls being featured on ITV’s Love Your Weekend and ended with them winning the Best Game Added Value Category at the Eat Game Awards.

But, if that wasn’t enough, sandwiched in between was the British Pie Awards, where they picked up a silver award for their homemade pheasant and chestnut pie and a bronze for their homemade venison and Suffolk ale pie.

It’s nothing new for the duo from Suffolk though, who have been picking up awards since launching in 2014, and their field to fork approach is their unique selling point, as you can see in the video below.

But despite the growing collection of awards, the Eat Game award came as a surprise: “We are absolutely amazed and weren’t expecting it all because we were up against some really good competition,” said Lynne.

“It’s just the two of us making these pies and sausage rolls from home, working incredibly long hours. Steve’s out at stupid o’clock, and then he comes home and is butchering all day to turn the meat into pies and sausage rolls.”

Steve added: “This is an award for the company rather than the product. I mean the product is central to what we do but we’ve been recognised for specific products in various other awards, but this is actually for us and it’s amazing.”

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